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Bed Liner Prices In Dallas

Bed Liner Prices In Dallas

We are fortunate that there are several bed liners to choose from in Dallas and in the surrounding Dallas Fort Worth area. Part of the reason for this is the number of trucks in Texas, nearly 10% of all trucks are registered in Texas. That is roughly one third of vehicles on the road in Texas are trucks. So it is no wonder that in Dallas you can take your pick of bed liners, to get a bed liner that works perfectly for you.

First the “Drop In” bed liner, it was substantially less than the spray on. Although it was less it did provide superior dent protection over the “Spray On.” That being said the “Drop Ins” were horrible on the trucks finish and paint. Almost every “drop in” was built to fit multiple trucks meaning that the bed liners had room to move once installed in the trucks box. It did not take long for dust and dirt to collect under this type of liner, and because it moves back and forth in the trucks box, it was just a matter of time before you are left with totally exposed bare metal. When you add water to the mix, you get rust. If that is not enough of a deterrent, the plastic floor of the “drop in” is very slick especially to hard cargo, like a cooler for example. If you have to stop quickly for some reason you will see that this type of bed liner can be very hard on your cargo, and on your truck. I have heard story after story of people hauling large items like tread mills or big drums sliding forward and shattering out the cab window. After something like that happens or just the abuse the “drop in” itself inflicts on your truck it is hardly worth the money you saved initially. The “drop ins” ranged in price from $250.00 to $499.00 depending where they are purchased from.

The next bed liner that we checked out was the “hybrid bed liner.” We found that this type offered the best dent protection on both the floor and the sidewalls. The sidewalls were vacuum formed polypropylene that fit each individual make and model of truck, they snap in place and fallow the exact contour of your truck. The sidewalls interlock together and have a channel at the bottom, that holds the “Zero Skid Mat” in place. There was no room for dirt and debris to collect behind, and if it did the panels don’t move back and forth like a “drop in” so it would not hurt the finish of your truck. The “Zero Skid Mat” is the only mat of its kind, it is ribbed on the bottom to keep it from laying directly on the floor of the truck bed. This allows water to escape using the factory designated drain holes and air movement to prevent mold or mildew build up issues. The “hybrid bed liner” it the only bed liner that we found to completely preserve the actual condition of your trucks box. The “hybrid bed liner is made by Dual Liner Bed Liner Systems and was competitively priced at $384.00 shipped to your door. There are other bed liners that cost more than the Dual Liner, but none that give you better protection. You can also take the Dual Liner out at any time very easily. If the Dual Liner was priced by the level of protection you received, it would cost considerably more than a “spray on” and multiple times more than a “drop in.”

“Spray On Bed Liners Can Be Damaged If Your Not Careful”

Today there are several bed liners and as many prices. You would think that the more you spend for a bed liner the more truck bed protection you will get, well we found that the most expensive type of bed liner did not provide the most protection. The most expensive bed liner was the “Spray On” it provided only limited scratch protection and very little dent protection. Most people just assume that this is the “only” way to get there new truck bed protected, and we found a couple of reasons why this thinking exists. The first being that several new truck dealerships get a spiff from anybody they refer to the “local spray on guy”, and guess what, you actually pay for it in the long run. Another reason that this type of thinking exists is because the “spray on installer” spent between $50,000.00 and $100,000.00 on equipment and will say or do just about anything to get you to put one in your truck. There goal is to pay off their equipment and try to turn a profit as soon as possible. Once the spray on is installed there is no turning back, well actually you could replace your trucks box for a hefty sum ($10,000.00+ I don’t think anybody would do that), if money was no object. So if you are unhappy with how the spray on is holding up there is almost nothing you can do. On average the “spray on” ran about one hundred per foot, so if you have a 6’ box you could assume it would be around $600.00. Again this is on average, you may be able to find some cheaper than this and some may be more expensive than this, but this will serve as a good guide. Always remember and never forget, “Just because it cost more, it doesn’t always mean you get more”

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