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  • Do It Yourself Bed Liner
    Ships to you door, easy 20 minute install! A true do it yourself bedliner
  • What is a Hybrid Bedliner?
    What is a Hybrid BedLiner? To answer that you must look what's out there.
  • The Cowboy Of Bed Liners!
    Texas is well known for "cowboy's" see how this new type of bed liner compares!

DualLiner Bedliners

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The DualLiner Bed Liner is a 5 piece component bedliner system that easily installs in less than 30 minutes with no special tools needed. View some more of our posts to see why DualLiner is the best bed liner on the market today.

This is a 30 second test drive and demo reel for the DualLiner truck bedliner.

The Truth about Spray on Bedliners.

The Lucchese Of Bed Liners!

After learning how much time and effort went into creating a boot that would not only outlast the other boots that were available, but the would also out perform the other boots as well. This commitment to quality manufacturing is unique these days, it seems like there are factories closing every week and those jobs are getting sent over seas. There is only one reason for this, COST! Do you think that somebody in Taiwan has a passion for the companies commitment to quality, attention to detail, unwavering high standards and indestructible loyalty? I don’t think so. When a company decides to manufacture in another country, what is the cost of loosing these attributes? I am not sure how you can measure this, but I am sure over time it is evident.

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If The Bed Liner Fits Perfectly, Use It!

The popular saying “If the shoe fits, wear it” has been around for years. Although when this is applied to bed liners I think it is very vague. Dual Liner makes a specific bed liner for each year make and model of truck. In their case the saying should go more like this “If the Bed Liner fits Perfectly, then use it!”  In order to make a bed liner that fits perfectly, Dual Liner has to develop a mold that is an exact replica of the specific truck. This is a huge expense that Dual Liner justifies by being able to produce a bed liner that will protect your truck better than the other bed liners, while causing no adverse effect to the trucks finish.

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Bedliner Reviews

In the bed liner market today there are a couple types of bed liner that have emerged onto the scene in the past 5 years of so. One is the rug type (AKA the carpet liner) the other is the Hybrid bed liner, we take an in depth look at these new additions to the bed liner market and compare them to a bed liner that has been around for several decades. Are these new bed liners going to replace the bed liners of the past? Which bed liner is the best for my truck? Are truck owners looking for a better way to protect their truck then the bed liners that were available before? These are just a few questions we tried to answer with this bed liner review.

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